Q. When will the Offering Memorandum be issued?
A. We are working hard to complete the Offering Memorandum and anticipate it will be available in September. We keep our participants updated via our Telegram channel and email.

Q. How much will each ICO token cost?
A. The price of each token will be detailed in the Offering Memorandum. Please refer to this once it is released.

Q. Can I participate if I’m a US resident or citizen?
A. The offering will made under the exemption from registration with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission pursuant to Regulation D, Section 506(c) of the Securities and Exchange Act of 1933. Within the US the Science ICO tokens are being offered on a limited basis to a maximum of 99 accredited investors. We encourage you to consult the relevant rules and regulations and, if necessary, seek independent legal advice to determine whether or not you would be eligible to participate in the offering.

Q. How many tokens will be issued?
A. This will be determined over the coming weeks and detailed in the Offering Memorandum.

Q. How much do you plan to raise in the ICO?
A. This will be determined over the coming weeks and detailed in the Offering Memorandum.

Q. When will the ICO launch?
A. The announcement for the ICO was on August 2nd, 2017. The ICO launch is anticipated to commence in September. We will keep you updated on exact dates and times as we finalize the Offering Memorandum and remaining details around the ICO.

Q. When will the ICO finish?
A. We currently anticipate that the ICO will run for 30 days from the launch of the public sale or once our cap has been reached. We will share details on the progress of the funds raised during the ICO.

Q. Is there a minimum investment?
A. You must invest at least the amount of one Science Blockchain token to participate and there will be a minimum investment level during the private sale amongst other limitations.

Q. Can I invest directly from an exchange?
A. You should carefully review best practices when it comes to investment in ICO’s and platform capabilities. We suggest depositing funds from your Wallet.

Q. What currencies can I use to buy Science Blockchain tokens?
A. You can participate in the purchase of Science Blockchain tokens with BTC, ETH or fiat.

Q. Will the token be on an Exchange(s)?
A. We are working closely with a number of Exchanges and will keep you updated via the Telegram channel and Email (if you have registered on the website) on this progress.

Q. What can I use the tokens for?
A. This will be detailed in the Offering Memorandum.

Q. Can anyone invest in the ICO?
A. The Science ICO tokens are being offered on a limited basis, in the US to a maximum of 99 accredited investors.

Q. How are returns (or dividends) paid?
A. The structure of the Science token will be outlined in the Offering Memorandum.

Q. What if the ICO doesn’t raise the amount being targeted?
A. The structure of the Science token offering, including matters related to the target raise amounts will be outlined in the Offering Memorandum.

Q. Have other businesses like yours run ICO’s previously?
A. We have seen a number capital raises through an ICO (see Blockchain Capital), but Science Blockchain is the first Incubator that we have seen use this form of financing to raise capital to date.

Q. Do you have a Telegram, Slack or Reddit channel?
A. Yes we do. You can find us on https://t.me/ScienceBlockchain

Q. Why is Science doing an ICO instead of raising capital the traditional way?
A. The clearest expression of our belief in the value and potential of Blockchain technology is to actually use the technology to do a capital raise for an incubator focused on companies that also want to apply that tech to business opportunities.

Q. How will the Science Blockchain incubator work?
A. Very simply, the incubator aims to identify and build a portfolio of blockchain-enabled companies that we believe have the potential to really grow. To the degree we enjoy success, we have a number of clearly defined mechanisms to help return value to holders of Science tokens: for example, if one of our portfolio companies launches an ICO and we participate, we intend that a set percentage of those tokens will be delivered to our investors. If we do sell a portfolio company, after we’ve reinvested in the fund, we anticipate that we will use a portion of the proceeds to buy back a set percentage of Science tokens via a buy back program. More details will be in the Offering Memorandum.

Q. Who owns the equity of the companies you incubate / do token owners hold these?
A. Primarily the incubator will hold the equity of the companies we have invested in. Token holders will not be owners of the equity in portfolio companies, but it is anticipated that a portion of the equity proceeds from the exit from any portfolio investment will be returned to Science token holders via a buy back program. More details will be in the Offering Memorandum.

Q. Is this token a “utility”?
A. No. Buying a Science token is an investment in a security. In certain instances in the past, some security ICO tokens have been described as utility tokens in order to avoid regulatory scrutiny. In our case, we’ve worked closely from the beginning to structure our incubator and ICO offering in compliance with applicable regulatory regimes, including SEC regulations.

Q. How many companies to you expect to invest in for your portfolio?
A. As managers, we believe a significant part of the value we bring is our experience helping small companies with great ideas become big companies with great ideas. We’ve successfully run incubators for many years, and the truth is, it requires a lot of work. We won’t pretend to know what our future portfolio will look like, but we can tell you we’re not talking about 100 companies – our aim is that ultimately we will have [10] investments in various stages of development at any one time.

Q. Have you identified any specific targets already?
A. The team at Science has been watching this space carefully for some time now, and we have seen a number of what we believe are really interesting opportunities.

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